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Posted by: David Harper - 11/09/11 @ 11:42PM

Nokia has been pummelled in the market of late as the Apple iPhone and Google Android continue to gain ground. However, the company has started to fight back by standardising on a single software platform - Symbian^3 - across all of its smartphone, and by developing an impressive software upgrade that will work with all current devices: the N8, C7, E7, and C6-01. That said, the software upgrade for Symbian^3, known as Symbian Anna, has taken almost five months to actually be released; Anna was announced back in April but is only now starting to be rolled out to Nokia owners.

The good news is that Symbian Anna has been worth the wait. It is faster to use, boasts an updated web browser, has more consistent layouts across applications, and - at last - comes with a full on screen keyboard that is available when holding the phone in portrait mode. Of course, users of other phones have had many of these things for some time, but for Nokia loyalists Anna is a welcome and indeed long overdue improvement. Nokia phones are still unparalleled in terms of call quality and battery life, so it's good to see that some of the rough edges are being addressed.

Symbian Anna can be downloaded to applicable devices using Nokia's Ovi Suite, which is available from

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