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Personal Computer Security

From prevention to recovery, I can assist you at all stages of the security cycle. However, prevention is the best cure available, and I recommend that all computers have the following:

  • Automatic updates enabled for all applications, and configured to install updates at a time when the computer is actually powered on (not the middle of the night!)
  • An up to date antivirus product
  • An up to date firewall product
  • An up to date anti-spyware product

Generally speaking, I recommend Norton Internet Security to cover the antivirus and firewall roles, and the freely available Spybot Search and Destroy. However, there are other options, including free products, which can perform adequately in most circumstances.

In the event of an infection or other security breach, I can help you to remove the problems from your computer, or, if this is not achievable, to recover as much personal information as possible and then move forward.

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