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Personal Websites

If you have something to share with your friends, your family, or the world in general, a personal website can be a great investment. Whether you want to start an online diary, share photographs or videos, or collate information for easy reference by others, a personal website will help you to achieve these goals.

Websites come in three basic forms:

  • A free diary or "blog" (like
  • A small, infrequently updated?website hosted for free by your Internet Service Provider (like
  • A commercially hosted website with your own domain name (like this site or my wooden railway website,

I can advise you regarding the most appropriate website type to consider, guide you through the creation or purchasing process (depending on the required type), and then install and configure the necessary software to allow you to create content on your new site and update it into the future. If required, I can also assist you to create a "theme" or style for your new website.

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