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Parental Control Software

Installing parental control software should be a major part of your strategy to protect your children from Internet risks. Although installing the software itself is often not very hard, many parents do not have the skills to address related matters, particularly locking down computers to prevent children from tampering with the control software.

I can help you throughout the process of deploying parental control software:

  • Giving you advice regarding what software solution will be best suited to your specific needs
  • Locking down your desktop and laptop computers to prevent tampering
  • Installing the software and configuring age-appropriate rules
  • Helping you to communicate with your children about Internet risks
  • Training you to monitor your children's online activities
  • Helping you maintain your computer security once control software is installed

In the case of Windows desktop machines, I usually recommend Norton Online Family, which is currently free. For Macintosh computers, I recommend Net Nanny for Mac.

I have also written a comprehensive eBook that will allow you to understand Internet risks and install Norton Online Family in Windows XP. For more information, click here.

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