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Services for Individuals

Have you got computer troubles?

Don't get mad -- get help!

Every computer has problems. And when your computer stops working, or starts behaving erratically, you need it back the way it should be - fast. That?s where I can help.

Whether you?ve got major problems, need a checkup to keep?everything running smoothly, or just want some advice, I provide convenient on-site assistance at a time that suits you.

I also offer a variety of services to help you meet the computing needs of your home or home office, without breaking the bank. I can help you to:

Don?t brave the electronic frontier by yourself! Call me now on 0421 550 063?or contact me via email to make an appointment, or for more information. If you have a question or a problem, chances are I can help. Remember, there is absolutely no obligation when you call or email.

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