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Personal Computer Purchases

Buying a new computer can be difficult if you are unfamiliar with the available options and the continual jargon. Many people mistakenly purchase something that is not suited to their needs, either because it has expensive features that they do not require, or alternatively because it does not have enough features to meet their changing needs.

I can help you throughout the process of obtaining a new desktop or laptop computer, by:

  • Giving you advice regarding what hardware and software will be required to meet your specific needs
  • Liaising with vendors to negotiate equipment and prices
  • Suggesting cheaper ways of meeting your goals
  • Installing the new computer and configuring it for use after you purchase it
  • Moving across your documents, email and Internet favourites from your old computer so that you can get to work ASAP

Any new computer is an important investment that should be safeguarded with expert advice and assistance. Avoid the pitfalls and heartaches - let me guide you through the process and help make your purchase as affordable and as painless as possible.

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